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Removing Kickstand Mount
Here is some info I picked up a while back. There is a lot more out there .

"Panasonic bikes hiding behind other labels…
You may be surprised to learn that Schwinn, Raleigh, Royce Union, Suteki, Centurion and other labels all at one time or another had Panasonic built bicycles wearing their badges. Schwinn’s very first outsourced bikes back in the early 70s were built by Panasonic. These were the “World” bikes such as the World Traveller and World Voyager. Later on in the 70s, Schwinn made a deal with Panasonic to build the LeTour model which would become the second most popular model for Schwinn in the 1970s."

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Great info there, thanks George. I think today about 60 to 70 percent of all bikes are probably made by Giant and have different labels. In fact, I would bet that there are few bikes that are ENTIRELY made by the company that claims to manufacture them.

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Ye its a real mish mash out there. My bike a 92 Schwinn High Plains Aluminum MB is supposedly made in USA according to the catalog and manual. But it does not say that anywhere on the bike. Just Schwinn Quality badge and Schwinn USA Engineered labels and Paramount design.
When they say "made in" it usually is just the frame anyway , although I have USA made Weinemann wheels too, (not great but solid) got no issues with Shimano stuff its great.

Most bikes are made in China today, thats why I like old bikes. May get a nice road bike with a good quality steel frame and customize it into a city bike with straight bars. Found out aluminum is overpriced and has no weight advantage. Schwinn Le Tour or a Panasonic Team would do nicely.

BTW very nice bike you got, my tires cost more. :-))) Looks like the size I need too a 21", 53 cm.
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Thanks. That's a nice lookin' bike you have too George. I recall reading somewhere that U.S. manufacturers can claim they are built in the U.S. if something like 51% of the good (or bike) is actually made in the U.S. For sure that is one thing anyone will confirm about Schwinn, is that they are solidly built. I've never had an Aluminum or Carbon frame bike so I don't know what I am missing, but will likely never have a frame crack or break either. Smile

I am currently restoring an old 1978 Raleigh Record Ace (Nottingham version) and have also been impressed with the quality of its components as well. Well we are probably getting away from the topic Jay started in this thread, sorry.

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I have taken some of those plates off before. I've noticed little difference. My trusty dremel sliced that thing right off.
Hey KC Steve , where did you get the (1982?) model and price line up. Been looking to find Schwinn model hierarchy and prices over different years and nothing comes up. Also Paramount model and price info.

The above links are good but looking for more info. Got Sheldon's too.

Anyone got some Schwinn model and price lists links?? Especially the Made in Japan by Panasonic Tange Tubing models.
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(05-24-2010, 07:00 PM)GeorgeET Wrote:  Hey KC Steve , where did you get the (1982?) model and price line up. . .

The link above, http://www.re-cycle.com has a lot of stuff and you have to search around but the following link is in there.


This is a great collection of catalogs and most if not all have price lists. Prepare yourself for hours of reading though. Smile

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!

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