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What type of derailleur mount is this? Covertable?
Hi, here (and/or attached) is a pic of the rear derailleur mount on a Schwinn Meridan7 7-speed adult trike:


Can anyone tell me:

1. What type of derailleur mount is this? Frame mount? Standard mount? Direct mount? Or what?

2. Can I convert this easily to a hanger-type mount instead? I see some 'generic' types like a SunRace or something similar. Or...

3. Could I get a new derailleur with the hanger 'built in' and just attach that to the rear axle bolt and ignore this silly stripped out mount?

Reason I'm asking: Got this new, but the cheap no-name derailleur they used at the factory had been torn off somewhere, either: At the factory during assembly; during box up; or during transit. Yeah, I could return it, but it took months to get the order filled, now costs more, and I'd have to try to re-box up the thing (no easy task). I could possibly re-tap and fix the threads, but I still think they used the wrong derailleur (doesn't fit right).

Anyway, if possible, I'd rather use a replaceable type generic hanger for the future instead of this frame mounted one. Plus I can purchase a much better derailleur to use!

So what options do I have here? Thanks in advance.

That is an integrated derailleur hangar. It requires a bolt-on type rear derailleur.

Some classify this as direct mount, but be careful you don't get mixed up with direct mount rear derailleurs which mount directly into the frame.

The other type you are probably thinking about are called hangar mounts.

Those are the rear derailleurs with the U hook hangar that bolt on around the wheel axle. They might not be compatible with your frame, as they are specifically for frames with U-Hook dropouts.

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