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Can't tighten bolt into stem

I picked up a 2nd hand bike yesterday, all was fine with it. I just wanted to adjust the angle of the handlebars which went fine, then stupidly I decided to raise the handlebars. Unfortunately I went about it the wrong way and just loosed the bolt at the top of the stem. The threaded bolt came out completely, now no matter what I do I can't get it to go back in.

Visually there is a hole for the screw to go into, but it doesn't seem to tighten at all. Guessing that could be the wedge - seems to be straight on and not bent at an angle.

All I have is a long bolt with a nut at the top, and the cap that sits over that so it is snug. There is also a small spacer. I'm taking it there should be something at the bottom too? Will upload pics later, feeling a bit down now.
assuming you have a quill style and not threadless, will wait for pics.
try to put the bolt in without the stem and tap with hammer to knock loose the wedge,or turn upside down with the wheel off and some forks allow access and tap a rod and knock out the wedge from the bottom. if and when you get it loose re-lube all parts well before reassembly
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