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Headset wont tighten
So I got a cheap bike from craigslist that I'm trying to fix up. The headset to this thing is really loose, if I lift the handle bars I can shake the whole fork easily. (Sorry if my terminology sounds retarded, I'm not super bike savvy)

I tried to loosen handle bars and tighten the bolt the youtube guy told me to tighten, with no luck. The bottom of the fork near tire seemed just fine, but the top still shook around. It almost seems like I'm just missing an important part. Im including pictures of it all put together, taken apart, and all the parts from the problem area. Because I'm not bike savvy I look at it and have no idea if I'm missing grease, spacers, or a magic spell. Any help would be appreciated Smile

Edit: To be a little more specific, its like the stem at the top is too small for the hole it goes through. Those parts im holding fit just fine, but its like there's supposed to be another part in there that fits and holds it tight. Bearings maybe? I dunno. The guy who I bought this from was pretty hard on it.
Yes, you are missing the bearings.

Scroll down the above page about ¾ of the way, there are two pictures. Your is threadless, but is supposed to have bearing like the threaded one on the left.
So I read that article, and I looked again and realized both bearings for top and bottom are gone. So how do I know what type/size bearings to get? The fork pipe they go around is 1 1/4". How do you know if you need the open bearings or enclosed bearings? Mine is threadless, shouldn't I get enclosed?
Just purchase a new headset: http://www.amazon.com/FSA-141-2340-Hammer-Headset/dp/B003J7XCRO/

That way you will get matched parts, and it is only a few dollars more than the bearings alone.
Do you need special tools to install the right stuff to the frame? That'd be a great idea and I'd much rather do that, but how much would it cost me for a shop to attatch it to fork and frame?
(07-02-2014, 03:01 PM)Tridox Wrote:  Do you need special tools to install the right stuff to the frame? That'd be a great idea and I'd much rather do that, but how much would it cost me for a shop to attatch it to fork and frame?

If you purchase the same headset at a shop, figure about $20-; then about 15 minutes labor to remove and re-install the cups in the frame and the crown on the fork. From there, you only need a 6mm hex key wrench to finish.

I use a 12" long piece of cro-mo ¾" tubing the knock the cups out of the frame, with frame supported on a wood block. To install, I have foot long piece of ½-13 threaded rod, with nuts, washers and spherical washers to pull both cups into the frame.

For the crown race, in every case except one so far, I have been able to get a sharp screw driver under it to pry it up, a tiny bit at a time, working opposite sides. To install, I have section of gas pipe that the steerer tube fits into and sits against the crown race. Support the fork under the crown on wood, and use the pipe to hammer the crown home with the pipe.

The wood support is to increase the duration of and reduce the magnitude of the shock; to protect the bike components.

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