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Replace rear axle bolt with longer bolt on an electra 3-speed
Ihave an electra with a 3-speed shamino hub. This bike also has coaster brakes. THe bold that connects the wheel to the frame is too short to add a trailer attachment. I need about 1/8th more bolt exposed so I can add the trailer attachment piece. The local bike shop wants to charge me $50. Is this simply enough to do at home?
Is there enough excess on the other side so that you can just move the axle 1/4" over or do you need to replace the axle?
[attachment=4290][attachment=4291][attachment=4292]I've attached some images. Smile
Not sure it's the exact right hub, but here's the tech doc for nexus 3 speed with coaster:

A lot more complicated than a normal, external geared hub. But not rocket science.
$50 sounds reasonable to do it. Ask them to thoroughly relube it while it's open. Insufficient lube seems to be an issue with shimano hubs. Or jump in and do it yourself.
Dave - nice reference. Looks like the axle is part of the gear train, and thus can not be moved side to side. Hopefully Michele has one with a 168mm axle which can just be swapped for a 175mm axle.

$50- sounds like a very reasonable charge - you obviously do not like in the SF Bay Area, where it would be a $150- job.
Thanks for posting. I've decided to take it to the local bike shop.

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