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In need of a Hybrid of Road bike for commute...What do I do?
Hi! I currently live in India but will be moving to France next year. I'm in high school right now so I need a hybrid bike to be able to handle Indian roads, lots of inclines as I live in a hilly area and then the French weather when I commute daily to University. I am currently looking at Marin Fair Fax 1 which would be delivered relatively quickly, Trek FX1 and Trek Dualsport 1. The problem with the Trek bikes are they arrive only after 6-12 months once booked whereas the Marin is currently in stock at a bike shop in another city. Are there any other bikes I should consider beforehand or will these 3 bikes get the job done? I will be using it for daily commute from next year when I'm in university and atm I'd be using just for fitness, riding to school and riding with friends. p.s: my budget is max $480 (though $400 is more realistic of a budget as my dad need to approve😅 . Also, could I get away with using a road bike for these purposes? If so what would yall recommend? Thanks for the help in advance!
hello! what did you choose? Marin Fairfax 1 is a really nice and reliable budget fitness ride, value-for-money and great for fitness rides and commutes on paved roads. 11-34t cassette works nicely uphill together with 48x28x28t cranks. from what I understand and considering your purpose, I would choose Fairfax over road bikes.

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