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Hybrid Bike Purchasing Question? :)
Hey all! I hoping you guys could help me out in finding a bike that’s right for me. Here’s what I’m looking for (I’m in Montreal BTW):

Comfortable riding, I have a weak back, and aggressive biking positions make riding pretty unpleasant. I really don’t want to be hunched over on the bike (also, a comfy saddle would be nice). I want to be able to ride for 2-3 hours and not feel my back throbbing.

The ability to move relatively quickly relatively easily (not terribly heavy and slow).

Some mild off-road capability (i.e. grass/gravel, nothing crazy). My friends have hardtail mountain bikes and I would like to be able to follow them when they ride off a curb or take a shortcut through grass, instead of going the long way around on a paved path and meeting up after.

A fun colour that isn’t black, grey, brown or white. This one is big for me. I’ll fully buy a less capable bike if it comes in a bright gorgeous colour.

A price (preferably) below 850 CAD (~700USD).

Disk brakes! Rim brakes are very finicky in my experience, and I just don’t have the patience to constantly adjust them.

I was thinking about the Norco Scene 3. The step-through design, upright position and cushy saddle look very comfortable, and the simplicity of having just one front gear and only shifting in the back is appealing for maintenance. Also, it comes in some nice colours. The price is affordable as well. These days though, shops seem to only be expecting bikes like this in mid-2022 Sad .

However, I’m open to any and all suggestions! Thanks so much for all the help!
Schwinn Talik
Raleigh Grand Prix + Chinese 2 Stroke Kit
You should get a GT bike and convert it into a urban cruiser.

Just gave the same advice to someone else. All you'll need is some urban tires and you're set.

Their frames fit body types incredibly well with a great range per size.

Even if you're 5'11" you could probably still use an M frame, but can always opt for an L frame.

Most of the MTB come with a 42T lead chainring, which will give you a great range for power and versatility.

You'll probably be wanting to ride in 5th gear on average using the lead chainring.

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