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Looking for a hybrid for neighborhood and some trails
Best hybrid bike for mostly neighbor and town with the occasional gravel and dirt ride

I’m(34F) looking into getting back into bike riding. I used to ride a lot a few years ago- mostly for fitness with a bike I bought at Target. Most of my rides were 5-15 miles, 55 miles being my longest.

I had a trusty Schwinn hybrid and kept telling myself I would invest in a road bike “next year”. At one point life got busy and I stopped riding.

I’m looking for something that will be mostly used for riding around town on streets but would withstand being able to do a trail or two with a friend who is new to mountain biking. If we were to go together I’m sure we wouldn’t be going on a crazy trail, but I want a bike that could withstand a few rocks and dirt. I really liked the ease and speed of my old hybrid but it didn’t hold up well on a small trail. I’m also hoping to stay under $800

tl;dr - looking for a bike that is quick and easy to ride around town but be able to do a few trails. Basically I don’t want to buy two bikes/ not be able to go with friend.

Thank you !
Hey. With a budget of $800 and your intended use, there will be good options around. Off the top of my head, a few options to look at:

TREK FX 2 disc for women. It has commuting and fitness focus but should withstand trails, however not the best option for more serious trail rides.
CUBE Access series. Hardtail mountain bikes with 29" and 27.5" wheels and remote lockout suspension can also be comfortable everyday town rides. These will definitely work for trails.
KONA Dew. Nice and sleek comuuter with x47c tires, mech disc brakes.
Focus Mares AL 105
Specialized Sirrus
"Carbon is faster"

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