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Light Recommendation for hybrid bike - Will commute and day and night time

I finally bought an entry bike - TREK 7.2 WSD 13" and now I'm looking for a light with not so fancy as my budget is limited. My preference would be something with USB rechargeable and waterproof as I live in Seattle. 

I was searching on internet and I have found couple of options I can go

SuperBright Rechargeable Bike Light - 500 Lumens - 4 Easy Bike Light Modes -- Free Taillight - Cycle Torch Shark 500 - Highest Quality Durable Headlight Set - Water-Resistant- Improves Safety and Security

Cygolite Dash 320/Hotshot Micro USB Light Combo

Do you guy have any recommendation ? I wouldn't want to go more than 70$ and as cheap as possible.
I like this headlight:

And this tail light:

They are not USB. The problem with USB rechargeable lights is the amount current they can pull off USB, which limits the recharge rate and the total energy in the battery. No one is going to want to wait a couple days for the USB to completely charge a battery. The headlight I like comes with a 1A 8.4V charger - that is more than 3X the wattage available from USB (from a recharge time perspective, it take 1/3 the time to recharge - overnight vs a full 24 day).

The AAA batteries in the Blinky tail lights last more than 40 hours in bllinking mode. I use two tail lights on each bike.

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