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Hybrid Bike Recommendations?

I'm thinking about getting a new bike through the work scheme. I currently have a Boardman CX I bought a few years ago, didn't really get much time to ride, but with the current situation have got back on the bike, but thinking it's not quite what I want. I think most rides would be fairly leisurely mix of (bumpy but not mudfest) trails and tarmac that I'd like to start bumping in distance too. When the world returns to normal I might start biking in as well so it feels like hybrid bike ticks those boxes. Budget I'm fairly flexible on, due to the scheme sliding discount, maybe £600-1000 pre-scheme discount? The Boardman is fine, but it doesn't seem do to excel at anything and I've never got a great feel from it. Not sure what I do with it.

Bikes I've looked at so far are Decathlon's Riverside 920, Specialised Crosstrail, Specialized Crosstrail Elite Alloy, Cube Nature Pro, Cannondale Quick CX 2 to give you an idea.
I see that all of the listed bikes have a suspension fork. Is that a requirement? What are some of the other things on your wishlist?
how about a fast 29er mountain bike?
This is a Nashbar single-speed 29er. I scrapped the rigid fork, bars, stem, grips, saddle, brakes, and pedals and added a Manitou Markhor 120mm fork, 760mm wide bars, 45mm stem, PC platform pedals, lock-on grips, WTB Volt saddle, Shimano hydraulic discs, and a little fender. I wanted a cheap steel hardtail and ended up liking the Singlespeed simplicity but may go to 1x10 down the road.

[Image: 4pYvVTh8auHPe2sGzM5pMRvP5sbKAvPCcWoGioUT...4FhA=w2400]

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