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Recommendations for a MTB that will also get a lot of use commuting to work a lot?
Until recently I've been riding a hardtail for the past few years. I lost it a few months ago when I got hit by a car, I survived with a bit less skin and needing a new helmet but the bike didn't survive and I desperately need a new bike for work. I live in a fairly rural area of the UK and I love the trails and rough terrain too so a road bike is not attractive to me.

Someone mentioned gravel bikes to me?

I'm limited budget wise so looking at buying something on finance, I know you need to pay for quality but if anyone has any recommendations for specific models or brands I'd appreciate it.
Not sure how well a gravel bike will fit the trail. They are designed for gravel, which is just an abrasive road terrain. They don't use knobby tires that the trails need. I'd suggest looking into something from GT. You should be able to procure a GT Aggressor like I have. It's the best bang for your buck. Great gear combinations to switch between urban and trails.

The pandemic has kind of wiped out the stock, but shop around and see what you can find.

Aggressor Sport is often cheaper by a bit, and should be just fine over the Aggressor Pro model.

Looking at about 450 pounds.
Glad to hear that you're doing alright after the crash. Sad to hear about your old bike pal, but your own health is the most important. Regarding gravel bikes, they're great yet definitely not an "on finance" option, but I would suggest looking at second-hand offers. You might find a solid gravel bike there, on finance.

@ReapThaWhirlwind 's suggestion is a nice one. For instance, GT Aggressor Expert sells for £480: https://www.tredz.co.uk/.GT-Aggressor-Expert-27-5-29-Mountain-Bike-2021-Hardtail-MTB_228489.htm They also have mech disc brake options, but for trail riding, I suggest getting hydraulic ones. What's your budget?
Focus Mares AL 105

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