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Road, Hybrid or custom mountain
I was an avid cyclist in my late teens but when it came time to have a job and family my riding went by the wayside. I have a 21 speed front suspension MTB that I ride ~10 miles 5 days per week on the road but am working up to 20+. I want a new bike but not sure to fet a full road, hybrid or put roar gears on a new 29er and swap out tires to go off road. I ride off road quite a bit and don't want to be limited by a road bike. I can use my MTB but not sure if the 10 year old walmart special will hold up of I want to do anything serious. Right now it has a baby seat on it so I would still use it for casual family rides and the new one for my time.

New trek 1.1 is $700, hybrid $600. I can get a deal on a GT 29er for $600 and add a 50 chain ring and swap out road tires for a true dual sport.
Any suggestions on the path to take?

First keep the walmart as is for family rides. With your needs if you cannot get a MB and a road bike, the hybrid may do. IF you do lots of off road get a MB. Look on Craigs list lots of nice stuff here in S. Cal. :-))

When I was a kid before MB's were invented and park regulations not existent, I rode a clunky 10 speed road bikes all over dirt trails in the woods, and up and down hills.. :-))
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Right now I do mainly on road in the morning for fitness and relaxation, my wife thinks I'm nuts relaxing while pedaling 10 miles. I don't plan on racing or entering any triathlons. I do feel like throwing the bike in the truck to do some hard core single track every once in a while. I don't think a hybrid will handle that. maybe a roadie and later a good mountain. Just don't want to regret a big investment.
Hard finding bikes my size on Craigs list, I'm 5'5" and most of them are 54cm and up.
Does the age matter? I don't want to spend 300+ for a bike made in the 90s and have to replace all the components. Those shifters on the bottom tube on older road bikes look funky to use.
Thank you for the advice.
I agree with George on this. Keep the MB for going off road and get the Trek for your everyday riding and commuting. I have a road bike and a hybrid and I select which bike I am going to ride according to where and with whom I am riding. You just can't have too many bikes and I would have more if I had a place to put them.
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Thank you.
I have plenty of room for bikes and I don't mind having two single purpose rides, better than having one that isnt great for either. It seems like the roadie might be the best way to go and maybe upgrade the mountain later.
Have a great day!
how about one of these 2011 models for 499+tax+ shipping
full list is $2250 which is High of course, most want around $1200
but i found a connection if ya want let me know. here is the link
(09-06-2011, 09:28 PM)painkiller Wrote:  how about one of these 2011 models for 499+tax+ shipping
full list is $2250 which is High of course, most want around $1200
but i found a connection if ya want let me know. here is the link
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