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Need help buying first road bike

I've recently become very interested in having a zwift or similar set up. I'm interested in buying a road bike that I can use with a smart trainer for at home workouts to improve my cardio. I would also be interested in the occasional ride outside.
I have not had a bike for the last 5+ years and before that had off the shelf cheap walmart ones. I looked at a few on sites like canadiantire.ca but figure that they may not be made to last. I'm 5'9 and a bit, 185 lbs. No clue what frame size would fit me best.
I found a few listings on my local kijiji. I was wondering which of these might be best for me and if none of them then what should I be on the
look out for?


Some options I found locally:

A bit more pricey but wonder if worth the extra money:
Do you already have a smart trainer? Considering the purpose of this purchase, I would choose CCM Presto road bike (not the CCM mountain bike) but the $250 price tag is too high in my opinion. I'd try to lower the price at least to $200. It is an okay entry-level road bike, but nothing special.

Frame size: anything in between 54-57cm (21-22.5 inch) will work for 5'9, it depends on your preference. Smaller frames are usually better for road bikes based on what I've encountered and heard. Bianchi Piaggio looks very nice, but 58cm will most likely be too large for you.
"Carbon is faster"

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