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Advice on removing crank

I need to get into my bottom bracket, but struggling to remove the crank. I borrowed at Park CCP2 but doesn't fit. Can anyone advise me?


[Image: 1zyiteh.jpg]
You did already removes a 14 mm bolt???

If so, take a look inside of your crank
If you see this:

Then you will need a CCP-44 for a Octalink or ISIS crank...

If you see this:

Then your CCP-22 should fit... Thigten the big bolt first, then screw the small one as hard as you can if your crank is seized...

You can also put the tool in a solid vise, and turn the complete frame over it so you have leverage...

Good luck!
I removed the dust cap and the bolt (with a 6mm allan key), so the photo is it like that.

There are some more photos here:

Some people have been trying to help on this thread:
From what I can see, looks like a square taper crank...

So follow this Website instructions to see how your can remove your crank...
Ok I read up on your problem. Sounds like the guys over on the other forum are on to something. When you were pulling off the allen/hex bolt did you feel any resistance? Like when taking it off was it loose for a couple of turns and then it became tight to turn?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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