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Slight crank/chainring wobble need some advice
I have a race face Chester crankset with a race face narrow/wide chainring
and it looks like the driveside crankarm and chainring have a slight wobble back and forth.

Its only been a month since install and I have so far only used the bike for riding back and forth to work nothing even close to extreme.

Now I'm not totally If it has actually done this since install cuz i diden't really notice it then and also I don't think i paid the much attention to it when i first installed it cuz i was kinda over excited. I got everything all tighted up and gave it a spin everything was really smooth and everything was tight and gave it a test ride and everything was awesome. I just now noticed this slight wobble after giveing my bike a wash and a once over all the nuts and bolt so to speak. Now everything is tight and nothing is loose so its not a loose wobble more like a warped wobble if that makes any sense

I made a Quick video showing what the crank does.
There are a few different things to try. You can leave it as it sits, as with only a single chainring there's no great problem using it that way, except that if you have a single speed you may have to set the chain looser. If you have a crank puller you can pull the crank arm and fit it on the spindle 90 degrees from where it is now, repeat until straight enough. Lastly you can try to carefully lever out the arm that corresponds to the point that is the closest to the frame by using the BB face as a fulcrum.

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