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Tire Wobble with picture
[Image: bike.jpg]

Newer bike. I can shake tire side by side and it has a wobble. If I do it slow and look down, I noticed part #1 which looks like some type of cover moves like its loose. not sure if piece 2-4 are responsible for this and need to be tightened or what. Any idea what could be causing this and house to fix.. also what tools I need to fix it? thanks

picture also as attachment if top one doesn't work.
Your wheel bearings are loose, see:

Depending on how much it has been ridden in this condition, there may be damaged parts inside. Carefully inspect the cones and cups for damage. Replace the balls (get 52100 balls the same size as the existing one, I get mine from Amazon). I use boat trailer wheel bearing grease in most of my bike applications - cheap, durable and very water resistant.
Should be a cheap repair.
Without a video or a more accurate description it's not possible to tell what the problem is, but to start it's not the TIRE that's wobbling. Tire refers only to the rubber portion that meets the road. The entire assembly is a wheel, the outer band of metal that the tire mounts on is the rim. Google "bicycle parts diagram" for more info on terminology. "Wobble" is usually used to describe back and forth motion in either the rim or freewheel when the wheel is turning.

If you can take the rim and shake it side to side when it is not moving it has "play" in the bearings, indicative of bearings that are not properly adjusted, worn or both.

If the rim wobbles back and forth while the wheel is turning the spokes need adjustment.

If the cog/freewheel wobbles back and forth when the wheel is turning it's related to either a bent axle or a hub that just is not perfectly machined (not unusual)

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