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Stripped adjusting nut on rear suspension
I have a Mongoose XR 250 I was riding home the other day and the nut on my rear suspension gave way of course the bike dropped like a rock on to the rear tire. I couldn't ride it home that way thank God for buses.
I have went to almost every bike shop in my area with out any luck of finding a replacement nut.
I have tried to get a hold of both Mongoose and DNR the shock maker without any luck.
I really like this bike it's a smooth ride can take just about anything I throw at it.
Can anyone help with this.
Did you look in a local Hardware store? They usually have boxes full of different size nuts.

Assuming all you need is the nut, and the rod is not stripped.

Never Give Up!!!
The threads on the body are good. I looked at the hardware stores could not find thing. I checked with a machine shop today they want $125.00 cause of one part the set up brake down ect.
(07-21-2010, 10:27 PM)jaa1332 Wrote:  The threads on the body are good. I looked at the hardware stores could not find thing. I checked with a machine shop today they want $125.00 cause of one part the set up brake down ect.

Not sure I understand what nut is broken. Is it the threaded collar that adjusts spring tension?

Sounds like its a manufacturer part, Keep on Mongoose and shock makers.

Call them.


Never Give Up!!!
This is usually caused by the suspension being set too loose, allowing it to hammer on every little bump, you are lucky the body thread is not damaged too, Try your local lbd, they may have a scrap bike they can cannabilise for you.
Can you upload a picture of what it is you exactly need and where it goes? Reason is I have MANY extra parts and might be able to help. As far as the machine shop wanting that much I think they are a little nuts over nuts if it only that of which you need.
You know I was just thinking, if you called Mongoose (owned by Pacific Cycle) they should have been able to help you. One of two things you can also do.... 1. If you got it from Walmart you have up to 3months to take it back. 2. Call Mongoose up and I know there is some sort of Manufactures warranty on it but do not know the limits and the specifics.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Looking at the picture, I'd say that turning the nut clockwise, so that it moves down the shock absorber would increase the pre-load and make the suspension stiffer. However, it is a short spring, so if you tighten it a lot, the suspension will bottom out because the coils of the spring itself touch each other, if that's the case the only way to make the suspension firmer is to fit a stronger spring.

I'm not sure about the second mounting hole, you could try it, but being so close the the other one it doesn't look as though it would make a great deal of difference.
Man , thats a tiny bike for someone your size.

As per shocks your conclusions are faulty. Compressing the spring makes it stiffer and more resistant to bottoming out. Increasing its length makes it more springy and less resistant to compression.

The length of the shock and its travel does not change. You can prove this to yourself by measuring the shock eye to eye.The length does not change as you adjust the spring.

More complex shocks that use oil/gas and spring have a dampening adjustment that slows rebound.
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2 of my bikes have the same "coil over shock" rear suspension. is this really a shock, or just a telescopic coil holder? i know they make them with "real" shocks (mine are low end), but i think theese are fake shocks. im not
complaining, still much better than a rough riding hardtale. just curious about my own observation.
anyhow, to answer your original question, you can probably find a parts bike to get your shock from. you can get quite a few parts bikes for $125!
Get on your bad pedalscooter and ride!
You got monsoonal flooding????????Where are you?

Yes as a trunk bike a folding bike is very useful to take on trips.
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i hope i didn't offend you, i wasn't meaning to insult your shock. after rereading my post i see it could be misinterpreted. i was asking about my shocks, which im happy with but dont think they are shocks in the technical sense of the word. i would like to see a larger pic of your ride, ive been thinking about a folding bike lately. again, sorry if i offended you.
Get on your bad pedalscooter and ride!
Most basic bicycle shocks are simply a boing boing shock they are compressed and bounce back.
The more sophisticated shocks have a dampening adjustment that control rebound , so you do not get kicked in the butt by the rebound. Some elastomer shocks control rebound to a point with its bounce back characteristics. Pump up air shocks also give some adjustment, by varying pressure.

Motorcycle shocks have a lot of adjustments on them, most just confuse beginners who mess up the settings. Things like sag (how much the weight of the bike effects compression) and preload controlling the compression depth with you on the bike by tightening the coil. Than there is rebound adjustment , dampening controlled by oil/gas. AND more.

Wow Thailand, do include that in your bio so it shows. Its always interesting and frequently helpful knowing where the person is.
Never Give Up!!!

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