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Full Rebuild vs Service

I've had my Giant Defy for two years now and have done about 4000 miles on it. I keep it clean and generally only ride in dry or damp conditions (never pouring rain).

Apart from a potentially stretched shifter cable (won't go in highest gear despite adjusting barrel adjuster and limit screws) the bike rides fine. I keep on top of basic maintenance, cleaning, checking for chain wear etc... and I have a pair of DT Swiss P1600 which spin fine and haven't noticed any truing issues or rough sounding bearings.

My dilemma is:

Is it worth getting a full rebuild at 4000 miles or should I just replace the cables?

Also, how many miles do people recommend before replacing cassettes, shifter cables or for getting a full rebuild?


Have you overhauled the hubs in this time?

They should be overhauled every 3 months (or about 500 miles) with new grease.

Strongly, I would say you could push your bike another year for the bottom bracket.

Overhauling the entire thing gives you a brand new bike feeling, and is something I do once a year.
I would assume that your bearings are all sealed units so there won't be any service required unless they are faulty; replace if needed. Maybe a chain replacement due to mileage, but you stated it was okay. Cables are cheap and easy to replace so a good place to start as a minimum.

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