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Sentimental MTN bike rebuild, need help with group sets
Hey everyone! I was led here from reddit and told to try my luck with the fine folks here on bikeride.

Let me preface by saying I know I’ve seen a lot of criticism when it comes to converting a MTN bike to a road bike due to a variety of reasons. But that’s not what I’m here to discuss. I am in need of direction.

My father passed away a little over 5 years ago and a little over a year ago I found his bike in his storage unit. I remember being very little and him taking me on bike rides with one of those child seats you attach to the bike. And I remember going on actual bike rides with him when I was old enough to ride a bike on my own and so on. Simply put, this bike means a lot to me, but it’s in rough shape now.

It’s a 96’ Kona Fire Mountain with a rigid fork, steel frame, and 26” wheels. There are teeth on certain gears that are almost completely gone causing some skipping when pedaling. It’s a 3x7 but I can only shift to 2 of the gears on the Chainset. It’s creaky after multiple visits and tune ups at my LBS. Even after all of it’s flaws I’ve still logged almost 150 miles on this bike. That might not seem like a lot at all, but I’d like it to be many more miles for years to come.

I’m new to general bike knowledge, but there are things that I understand I won’t be able to achieve on this bike. I know that I’m stuck with having 26” wheels and I’m stuck with using the breaks that are on opposite sides of the wheel rather than the breaks that are one unit due to not having a place to mount them.

So far I’ve converted the fork tube from the older 7/8” size to the modern format with a fork tube insert adapter. I’ve fitted the new stem, drop handle bars, seat post, and saddle. I feel all that’s left is to get the new group set. I’ve landed on the Shimano Tiagra because of the 2x10 format and it being a pretty mid-range option.

The main thing is that I feel I’m having trouble with where I should be ordering the group set from. I mostly just find ebay listings and off color websites, but maybe that’s just due to me being unfamiliar with where to order parts and such.

So in conclusion, which avenue do you suggest I look into for ordering group sets? What about misc. parts? I know I’m going to need break cabling, shifter cabling, cable housing, ferrules, crimps, etc.

Here are some pictures of what I’m working with too.


If you have any suggestions, solutions, or comments they would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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