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RockShox Reba Service help
Hi All,

I really need some help! After having my bike for nearly 6 years i thought it was time I serviced my forks, they are Rockshox Reba 2006 dual air. Well it was all going well until I tried to put the positive air valve back (photo 1 on the right) and it didn't fit well it fell though the hole (in photo 2). I reckon I've either a) done something wrong, or b) my 4 year old has hidden a part. The photos show the fork and the air valve and cap which fits over it. The valve will fall through the hole shown in the top of the fork so I'm at loss as to what's missing. I was hoping to get out on my bike this week as the weather is getting better.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Trying to think who had a shock problem. Was someone here , I'll try to look at other threads.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Hi Titan. Did you remove the Negative valve? That valve looks like the one that goes on the bottom of the leg - hard to tell from that angle.
Try this link for starters...


I've serviced dozens of Reba forks over the past few years and only once found need to remove the Positive valve for a bad O-ring.
If you removed both, is it possible that you got them switched and haven't re-installed the other yet? Crazy things happen!

A pic of the valve from a side angle would be nice.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
Here's a couple of pictures of my Reba SL top valve. It doesn't look like there's anything else in there, looks like the valve fits straight into larger nut.
I'm in a very similar situation however I wasn't servicing the fork, only checking air pressure. My dust cap was so tight, the the entire top cap turned with it. after re tightening and checking the pressure, I did the obvious thing and applied a load to the fork. Each time the fork hissed air, I thought the top cap must still be loose, foolishly tightening it with the dust cap removed, I slipped with the wrench and hit the valve cap and it came loose, emptied the fork of air and fell into the fork assembly. Ive manged to remove it but like the OP said, there seems to be no way to put it back in, I think maybe some seal or nut escaped at the same time. If no one can help here looks like an embarrassing journey to the bike shop for me.

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