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Coaster brake bike pedals don't turn
Newbie here, so forgive me if I picked the wrong area for my problem.

Kids 16", single speed, coaster bike. Got for Christmas from Wal-mart b/c he LOVES Superman.
Worked fine until today! I didn't believe my son at first since he's a little small for the bike. Pedals no longer turn or turn with great difficulty. I can barely move them by hand forward or backward. At first it would work backwards.

Would too tight of a chain (e.g., back wheel may have slipped though I can't see that it has & the chain does have some play in it) have this symptom?

Maybe a crank bearing has already broke/misaligned/come out, etc?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Best thing to do is take back to Walmart and see about repair or replacement, sooner the better. They would take care of it in most cases
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