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Bike Brake Calipers Not Springing Back
My bike brakes are unfortunately not working because when apply the brake the brakes press to the rim but my right brake pad does not spring back
My Bike is a road master granite peak 26 inch wheels and my brakes are aftermarket and the brand is. “I know this might be a caliper issue but I don’t really know how to check that”
This issue is usually due to the front nuts being too tight on the bolt.

Undo them, then re-tighten the back one ever so slightly until it's just (to the feel of touch) snug. Hold that one in place and begin to tighten the acorn nut carefully the same. Now, this is tricky, tighten the two nuts together; turning them in the direction they would spin into each other.

Check the engagement on the spring. Also make sure there's no vertical play between the front and back arms. If it springs back freely, and there's no play between the arms, then you've got the tension right. If it's still tight or there's play, loosen them up and start again.

Also note that the caliper spring might just be at the end of its rope and it's time to buy a new set of side-pull calipers.

Also also note that these calipers require the brake housing to be fixed in place, and in one piece directly to the levels in order to provide the proper pre-load tension that levies the caliper engagement. If you don't have the housing in there snug (and rooted to the lever), it will make the caliper totally defunct.
Pretty rare for the springs to wear out unless really cheap or rusted and thinned due to the corrosion. Most springs are readily available at a much cheaper cost than a new caliper unless the arm pivot holes and/or shaft have excessive wear creating freeplay between the parts (obvious when adjusting).

I use calipers over 50-60 years old and have no issues unless the aforementioned conditions exist (those don't get used, unless for display purposes). Make sure the cable moves freely in the housing; I have had problems from that issue more than others if everything else is properly adjusted. A little lubrication on the pivot shaft, and between the arms and spacers.
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Cheap was the concern here.

My experience with the stock calipers on modern parts is the allows, especially for the feedback spring, are very cheap.

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