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Gears aren't shifting
hey, i've just replaced the gear cable on my bike and now for some reason my shifter will only allow me to change between gears 7 and 8, also my shifter reads that I am in 1st gear even though i'm in eighth! how do I sort these problems? help please.
When installing a new cable, the derailleur should be in the outer most position and the shifter should also be in the setting for the highest/hardest gear (the position where it allows the most slack in the cable). It sounds like either the shifter or derailleur was in the wrong spot when you attached the cable.

I'm assuming you have the normal set up where the derailleur spring pushes it to the outer gears and the shifter pulls it up to the inner ones. If not, then reverse my suggestion.
yeh i think thats the problem, thanks for the help, but do you know how i fix this problem because i cant move the shifter to the reading it should be on
Undo the cable from the derailleur.
Now pull on the wire and operate the shifter to go to the appropriate number.
Next turn the cranks and let the dearilleur run to the last sprocket.
Re-connect the cable (pulling it taught at the same time) and then try the shifting.

Also check that you are using the correct cable.
See:- http://www.bikeman.com/content/view/1641/115/
You should have either cable "D" or "E" depending if Shimano or Campag' changers.
Also make sure that the "head" (cable end) of the cable is properly seated in the little hole where it fits.
If it's sticking out a bit, it will stop the gears working properly
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thanks for the help Smile
Arrgghh! i tried what you suggested and my gears will still only shift between 7 and 8 Sad
Check the cable tension. Drop the derailleur to the highest gear (small cog). Slack in the cable? Undo fixing bolt, pull cable taunt. Tighten fixing bolt. *As the bolt is undone, make sure shifter is on the right number. Fine tune with the barrel adjuster at the shifter. Park Tools has some good tutorials on their web site.
First thing to do now is find the culprit!

Disconnect the cable.
Hold and pull the cable while operating the shifter.
Does the shifter go through the full range of movement / clicks?

Support the back wheel off the ground (or turn bike over and rest on saddle and bars.)
Turn the pedals/cranks and move the derailleur by hand. Does the derailleur go the whole way across the block?
You could do this first if you want to?

** Keep your fingers away from the spinning wheel. **
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I disconnected the cable and moved the derailer by hand and it does go through the full range of movement however when i disconnect and pull the cable i can still only shift between 2 gears.
So we now know it's not the RD.
What kind of shifter do you have? (make & model).
Also pull out and remove the cable and see if the shifter goes through it's movement.
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My shifter is a Shimano CI- deck plus/
Is this it:-

Seems very complicated just to know what gear is selected.
So now you need to find if it's the changer or gear indicator that's causing the problem.
It may be a time to visit your LBS if you can't isolate it.
Have you tried removing the cable completely and see if that makes a difference.
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Its okay now i fixed the problem
(02-14-2010, 01:35 PM)andr5w5 Wrote:  Its okay now i fixed the problem

Are you going to tell us how - for future reference?
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Well i don't really know how to explain but there was a small lever inside the shifter which when it was pulled allowed me to shift the gears, but I've had to replace the dérailleur hanger because it was bent and don't know if that may have caused a problem as well.
I don't know what the small lever would be but the bent hanger could upset the gear change.
Usually though it wouldn't stop the gears from moving as you found out when manually moving the rear derailleur.
I'm a bit dubious about the small lever jamming unless it was caused with the installation of the cable.
Anyway well done and next time you have a good idea of where to start.
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