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Gears: Not shifting easily into smallest sprocket
I have just bought a really nice mountain bike with SRAM X9 X7 gears. My minor problem is that I have taken it out a couple of times and although shifting up and down the gears remains fine, shifting into the smallest sprocket is a bit, well, hit and miss. I flick the selecter into gear and the chain makes a bit of a rattle and clunk - and then goes in ok.
Can you advise this total novice of the best way to adjust it so that it slips into the smallest sprocket PERFECTLY?
Thanks<br />

There should be a cable tension adjuster, a small component on the rear mech that twists clockwise/counter clockwise. Clockwise will screw the bolt in therefore loosening the cable which will help the chain change onto the smaller sprocket easier. Be careful not to loosen it too much because then it will make it difficult to change back up again.
Alternatively there is 2 screws on the rear mech labeled high and low. The high screw might be screwed in too far, if you slacken the screw it can move the rear mech more over the smaller sprocket

Many Thanks - will give it a go!


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