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Replace 14-28T Sprocket With a 13-28T Sprocket?
Would there be any issues with one less tooth on the high gear as regards shifting or otherwise?
Answering this now because I did the same switch (Ultegra cassette) for my road bike recently -> 400 miles done and I honestly do not feel any issues with shifting performance.
(07-17-2018, 02:14 PM)Eugbug Wrote:  Would there be any issues with one less tooth on the high gear as regards shifting or otherwise?
It should make no difference in the shifting. You'll just have a few more gear inches of travel, making it slightly harder to pedal but faster if you really need that.

I recently changed my 10-speed cassette on my fat bike. The largest cog had 40 teeth on it, but it was impossible to find one at the time that was hyper glide. (HG). So I opted for an 11-36 instead of the 11-40. It's great, and having a second, smaller chain ring, the lowest gear is still good enough to climb steep hills.
If I knew how to ride a bike properly, I'd do it every time.

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