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Identifying Izalco Carbon with SRAM Red
Hi there, I'm having trouble findinf information on a bike I found online. I've been searching Focus's archives, as well as doing a couple google searches, but have been coming up empty. I checked Focus's website for information on the serial number, but their formatting has changed since this bike was released, so finding what the faded letters in the serial would be has been difficult.



Izalco Pro 2.0 with SRAM


Update: After speaking with Focus Support, and a helpful thread on stackexchange, I've found out it's a 2010 Izalco Expert. The SRAM Red is likely aftermarket, and the wheels definitely are as well..

Thanks for the help though!
Interesting. That's what I was going to originally say based on cross-referencing the colors with other pictures.

Glad you got it down.
All info should have been available through the Focus website. Quality European design, Asian manufacture, but still another "cookie cutter" frame. Good bike; readily customized to fit your needs.
Take care,

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