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Need Help identifying a Beach Cruiser

I need help identifying a beach cruiser. Any help is appreciated. Thank You

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Hi Scott and welcome!

That is a fairly new style cruiser. Looks to be from 10 years or newer in manufacture. It looks like you have what you need to ID it if the decals/headbadge are original.
To provide an accurate ID you need to show more details. Definitely need photo of driveside. Serial number would probably be traceable to a year of manufacture and model.
Take care,

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(08-03-2022, 11:41 AM)Scott Hyndman Wrote:  Hello,

I need help identifying a beach cruiser. Any help is appreciated. Thank You

Hi Scott!
We received a reply from our member Susan E. via Facebook:

"Slick beach cruiser obviously single speed with coaster brakes-probably made by Chatham but I'm not positive. Maybe retails between $299-$399.00. Can't tell what size it is, but if you're looking to sell it-measure from the ground to the top of the seat tube which the seat fits in to. The will give you a size in inches. Another measurement that might be important to people is how far the "reach" is from the seat to the handlebars which are obviously elevated."

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