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Trek 7.5 FX Hybrid Bike for 400$
Hey guys,

I've found a 7.5 FX on Craigslist and I'm wondering if it is worth the price. I haven't negotiated the price yet but what value do you expect from a bike like that? The guy has bought the bike from someone a couple of years ago, so it was used for a while. However, it seems very clean and neat to me and it perfectly fits my needs and size.

Here's the link to the bike description:


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knowing what year it is would help, but the price seems a tad high to me. If the bike is used and has no new parts such as brake pads, tubes/tires, cables/housing, wheels trued...etc. Some kind of tune up. I would put it at closer to $150 or so. The paint is not perfect by any means either. Take a close look at the spoke nipple area on the rims, they can be prone to fine cracking. and make sure they are dent and donk free. If the bike is 5yrs or newer it may be alright for the price if all is good.
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Is this 7.5 FX from 2008? I'd (maybe) pay $400 ten years ago, but today it's not worth even a half of it. That's my honest opinion.

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