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A Hybrid Dilemma
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So, I've been using Trek Dual Sport 1 for some time now for commuting. But now initially I was planning to upgrade to FX Sport 6. However, with my oldie I sometimes went a bit off-road.
So, now my question is, should I go for the FX Sport 6 or should I get myself 1 road bike and 1 MTB? Also, do you have any suggestions for this budget?
I have a a Dual Sport 4(2019) and a FX6 sport, I use the the DS4 for Gravel, Road, and have actually done some MTB with it and it has done great. I did put some more aggressive tires on it for the MTB and gravel but it still does amazing. I use the FX6 for mainly road riding but have used on some dirt trails between roads with no problems. The FX6 is so amazing and fast, however I enjoy being able to use both bikes for all riding and the DS4 will suffice for now until I purchase a 3rd bike being a MTB, I'm using it similar to a X-country MTB bike, nothing to technical but I feel comfortable on single track and some downhill.
When moving up from Dual Sport lll, I went to Domane SL5. Good move but I wish salesman would have talked to me about electronic shifting. I would have spent the money. Instead I am stuck here for four or five years because I can’t bring myself to lay aside a great bike.
If road riding I would without question go to electronic shifting, disc brakes and skinniest tires.
I would not ever ride this combo on gravel nor do I ever ride off pavement.
Hope this helps.
It seems you will be using pavement more than offroad. If that's the case, I would recommend you get the FX sport 6. It's one of the best road bikes I've seen.
I wouldn't recommend you splitting the budget between two bikes and getting a mediocre experience on the trails with a cheaper MTB.
Go with your gut and get that FX sport 6
I think you should get a road bike, because it is more versatile. You can use it for commuting, riding around town, and even taking on your first century ride Smile

The FX Sport 6 is good, but it's more limited. You can take it on trails and through dirt, but the wheels are not as sturdy as they are on other bikes. So if you want to do some of your own repairs or maintenance, then this might not be the best choice for you.

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