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Schwinn vs Fuji hybrid bikes
I am looking at purchasing a new hybrid bike. While researching my options, I narrowed down on Fuji Absolute 3.0, Shwinn Tourist and Schwinn Varsity. I find that Schwinn bikes feel pretty high end and seem to match the Fuji bike in weight and durability, although at half the price of a Fuji. I am looking at Schwinn Varsity at Walmart ($199) and Schwinn Tourist at Target ($260). The last time I checked at Sports Basement, Fuji Absolute would cost me upwards of $500.. Could someone help me decide as to what the difference between these bikes really is? Is Schwinn good at making hybrid bikes and are these budget hybrid a good buy?
Between the Fuji and the Schwinn's that you mention, the Fuji is the better of the three. Schwinn has two different venues (and quality) for selling their bikes, department store and bike shops. Department store bikes are less money because of the components that are used on the bike vs. the bike shop models that use higher quality components and frames. If you use the the Schwinn for casual rides, it should be OK and shouldn't give you much of a problem. But with either one that you buy, I strongly suggest taking it to a bike shop and have them go over it. The employees at WalMart that assemble these bikes are not bike mechanics and there may be assembly or adjustment problems with the bike when you purchase it. This obviously will cost more money.

Also, getting a bike involves more than just taking one home from the store and riding it. You need to make sure that the bike fits you properly (the frame isn't too large or too small). WalMart does not have people there that will know how to help you find the right size bike and they won't let you test ride the bike. A bike shop will let you test ride the bike and help you find the right size bike and then do the minor adjustments to make the fit more comfortable for you at no charge when you buy the bike from them. If you decide on the Schwinn and it fits you and it was assembled correctly, you are in great shape. If not, you will need to spend the money at a bike shop to have all that corrected. Most bike shops also have a 90 free tune up policy where they will check and re-adjust components on the bike within 90 days after the purchase.

Call one of the bike shops in your area and ask them what they would charge if you brought in a new bike for a checkup that was purchased elsewhere. Then decide if that price added to the price of the bike, is still worth purchasing the less expensive bike. Besides a better bike, its all about the service.
HCFR Cycling Team
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Thanks JohnV
That was really helpful.
Quote:..its all about the service.


If you can do your own maintenance and repair, and know what is good and what is not; purchase on price. If you do not, go with a bike store; shop the stores, don't worry about the particular bike.

After you find the store that suits you, then choose the bike.
most of the real bike shops in Illinois will not even work on department store bikes, thats the question you might want to ask before getting in to deep
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Man what a shame that the famous Schwinn name is now a name only and is sold as a cheap dept store bike. The ones I have seen look OK but lots of make believe parts that just do not work like the Walmart Huffy with full fake suspension.

Fuji remains under the same ownership (IIRC) although not made in Japan since mid 80's. It is the better bike, but is it $300 better??

Ye you are talking about a $300 price point , that would but lots of tools and parts and service. I doubt any dealer would refuse servicing it. That's what they get paid for. But than I got at least ten of them within five minutes.

Check the weight , components, and wheels, SS spokes, thats usually where the biggest cuts are.
Never Give Up!!!
I used to carry mongoose in the 90s and even some of the lower end bikes had their iffy at best traits, but so did Trek and many others. But do not be fooled by pretty colors shiny parts.The service will be lack luster at best. After companies like Mongoose, Schwinn,made the marketing move to go Dept. store I could care less that they still offer bikes that cost thousands of dollars. To me its a company that only cares about a dollar stuck in their pocket. I service what I sell and If it is not good enough for me then it is not good enough for you, that is my standard. I fully understand that not everybody can afford $400 and up bikes. Really though, compared to a car If I replaced Tires, tubes, cables, housing and grips would not the bike be "totaled" by the time I charge labor.
So I cannot in good judgment recommend a dept. store bike.$300 better spent on a better quality used bike.That is why their service sucks because they know just buy another and another...
I can not believe that nobody makes a garbage can in the shape of a bicycle yet.
Buy a bicycle from a company that cares how their dealers treat the product after the purchase That is what really matters the most
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
The biggest problem that I hear about WalMart (or other department stores) bikes is that if something is wrong with it and the owner takes it back, WalMart will not fix it if it is still under their warranty. They will replace it with another bike, if they still have one in stock, which may or may not be assembled and adjusted correctly. So you bring in one bad bike and take home another. This isn't uncommon and happens more than the stores would have you know. The other problem is that many of the people that buy these bikes don't know any better and quit riding the bikes because the fit is wrong and they start having all sorts of aches and pains. My sister-in-law and her husband bought two bikes from WalMart and fortunately have not had any problems with the bikes, but I have made some fit adjustments for them because the saddle was so low that their knees were practically in their face on the upstroke and they were complaining about their knees hurting. No one at WalMart knew enough to tell them about correct saddle height and position.
HCFR Cycling Team
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Ye, is true. I agree with all that. However I am amazed how anyone can make a bicycle like Huffy and sell it for $79. Replacing parts gets more expensive than the whole bike very quickly.
Also sometimes being able to buy a bike as a kid you can afford may get you to ride and buy a nicer one when you grow up, a $25 Czech Favorit got me riding when I was a kid. Bought at Strauss Automotive Stores in Hoboken NJ.

I guess I expect some knowledge from buyers or at least knowing some knowledgeable people as in your case. JV.
Never Give Up!!!
I actually recommended that my sister-in-law go to WalMart for their bikes. I know them and they don't ride that much. For them to have spend around $1,000.00 for two bikes at a bike shop would have been money thrown away. If they ride twice a month, that is a lot of riding for them. For this type of riding, a WalMart bike would do well as long as someone with some bike knowledge helps you get a good fit and makes sure the bikes are assembled and adjusted right. She bought a Schwinn and he got a Huffy hybrid because he liked the color. I'm working on getting them on the saddle more often. When that happens, I'm sure they will get better bikes.
HCFR Cycling Team
Ride Safe...Ride Hard...Ride Daily
I agree with that JohnV. I mainly mean people who ride almost everyday and ride hard. The key is getting it set up right. I know so many people that quit before they really ever got started because the
bike was not what they had hoped for
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
I liked the look of the Schwinn Tourist at Target but the components aren't that great. I have a 10 year old walmart mountain bike that has worked fine until now. I've put more miles on it in the last two months than the years prior. Was looking at a hybrid but since they won't do serious off roaring I'm leaning towards a full road. 680 is alot for a Trek 1.1 but worth it if I ride 10-20 miles a day I guess.
It can be hard to get parts for the components on a dept. store bike. If you plan to ride regularly you will be a lot happier with the Fuji in a year than with the Schwinn. If you just want a bike to have one to ride occasionally, go with the Schwinn.
One of the best reasons to go with the Fuji is the better grade of component. Sure you can upgrade the Schwinn, but it will cost the same in the end.

Its very likely that the two frames are made in the same places - somewhere in Asia. I wouldn't be surprised to learn the same factories turn them out.
It's almost a sure bet they both use off the shelf components... were talking kit made by the thousands in other Asian factories. The Fuji will use a better grade of component, though, if I have my guess correct.

Fuji's are also sold through distributors, who double as service centers. They set up the bikes and help you get them tuned right. If you are a nimrod and also dont know which is the back end of a wrench, they can help with needed service in the future.

As the others have said, the Schwinn will do for casual riding. But you must expect to tune it up yourself and repair it as needed on your own. That wouldnt bother me, but since youre asking, it may have a bearing on your decisions.

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