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Help with a hybrid

I was looking for some advice with something. I've been commuting on a mountain bike for a year or so now (first time riding a bike for about 15 years) I'm really enjoying it, and had the mixed blessing of buying a really badly set up second hand bike which has meant I've learnt a fair amount about how everything works/replacing and tuning various components.

I've just acquired a couple of oldish hybrid bikes (one for me, one for my wife) which is great, I'm really looking forward to trying out some bigger wheels (although it seems like an elephant compared to my nippy little mtb!)

However, the components are pretty rubbish, all basic shimano tourney type stuff and I was thyinking about getting an entirely new groupset and putting aside a few sundays to get it all fixed on and set up.

My question (finally) is; do hybrids use specific components, mountain bike components, or road bike components? I've found a few cryptic hints at mtb brakes not fitting 700c wheels, but I can't find it on google at all.

also, whilst I've got the attention of such a big knowledge base, any hints and tips on the project/what components are better than others (I'd like to get a whole groupset, everything needs replacing really)

(My experience runs to rear deraillieur fitting/tuning setting up brakes/replacing a wheel/changing freehubs and cassettes/cables and a lot of WD-40)

Thanks in advance for any help Smile

Edit: for the record, I really like the Deore rear mech I've currently got and having a top gear with 11 teeth on my mtb, I'd like to keep fairly close to that much at least
Lets start with one bike a time, need info like the year if possible, the name and model and lots of pics detailing the components you have on the bike now. Plus explain what exactly you are doing with the WD-40. Also knowing where you are from will help direct you on places to purchase any parts
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OK, so the one I want to upgrade for me, it's a Raleigh Pioneer Metro LX I think it's an 18" frame (I've been clearing a house today, the bike is currently behind a Ford Transit's worth of stuff, I'll check info like this tomorrow when I have more energy) It's probably 2009(ish), but I don't know how to find that out. I will get some pictures tomorrow and put them up. WD-40 is my favourite thing and I tend to cover everything in it when I'm cleaning or fiddling with any aspect of my bike.

I'm from the UK, specifically Bristol.
(06-22-2013, 05:12 PM)Charlie43 Wrote:  WD-40 is my favourite thing and I tend to cover everything in it when I'm cleaning or fiddling with any aspect of my bike.
The folks here are going to suggest a different Cleaner/Lube/Solvent than WD40, which can leave a residue that attracts dirt etc....

If your hybrid has linear pull (V-brakes), or cantilever brakes you can use suitable MTB type brake shoes & pads, like Kool Stop etc.
I'm no expert like Painkiller, but the 700c hybrids I've seen have triple front chainrings and drive components like a MTB.
It would be a pity to change things without a clean/lube/set-up & trial, to see what it needs- like a different gear ratio, or different handlebars etc...
There again, where's the fun in that[Image: smile.gif]
I just looked it up, it's all mountain bike parts, 21 speed, Vbrakes, trigger shifters etc... except 700c wheels with fenders (mudguards to you)
[Image: 732.jpg]

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