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Removing rust from inside frame!

I have a steel framed state bike Abacabb which is about 7 months old, however there is already a lot of rust inside the tubes.

Is there anyway of removing this? Or would using some JP Weigle Frame Saver Rust Protection still help limit the amount of rust on my bike?

rust as in flaking off, or a surface oxide layer that was in the tubes since before they were made into a bike frame?

flaking off - talk to the dealer or importer; get them to replace it.

surface oxide - Frame Saver won't hurt.

This is the ultimate:
Thanks! It is surface rust- is there any spray that can remove the rust before I put the frame protector on?
(06-06-2014, 07:51 PM)Winto Wrote:  Thanks! It is surface rust- is there any spray that can remove the rust before I put the frame protector on?

Oxalic Acid will remove the rust; it is sold many places: auto parts stores for removing rust, marine, etc, also as Bar Keepers Friend.

Make sure you flush well with lots of water, dry thoroughly (heat).

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