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Using Evapo-rust for bolts [Solved]
I just wanted to show how I rescue rusty bits and pieces using Evapo-rust. does a decent job for just soaking, letting it work, then rinse and lightly scrub and then off to the bench polisher. this is how to start off and I will post pics of the finished bolts when complete. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. [Image: vaporst1.jpg]
[Image: vaporust2.jpg]
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
This is what to expect after 24 hrs. soaking in the vapo-rust solution, dried and wiped off. The next step is off to the bench polishing using the red rouge bar. It is important to understand that steel nuts and bolts that have been chromed and let to rust over a period of time are just that, "rusted". The chrome is normally forgone to better days. The key here is to save them and to make them more presentable than just old rusty bolts. The key is to take measures from the start to slow this from happening in the first place. I will discuss the a bit later. However when picking up a used bicycle to refurb and flip, this condition is all to common. But this type of resto to the small bits and pieces is critical for the finished bike to "Pop" and look as if it is in a more pristine state and to aid in the eventual sale of the finished product.
[Image: vaporust3.jpg]
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
The results are in. Did the vapo-rust take the rust off? Yes it did. Do the bolts look better than all rusted? Probably, but if they were so rusted that the chrome is gone, It is time to replace it if you want the little details to be as perfect as possible. Most of time on a top notch refurb, the result I shoot for is 95% plus perfect. The bolts in the picture fail this standard of mine across the board. however on this bike I will use them since this is a bicycle I paid $10 for and cost for new bolts can add up quite fast and hurt the bottom line. Which I am giving the bike away to someone who just needs a bicycle to ride around the hood with the kids.
Replacement bolts can be a challenge to find sometimes and I prefer they match each other for their use even if they are not exactly like the original. I have had fun in the past making bolt sets for builds from a place called "ProboltUSA"
Here is a link: https://www.probolt-usa.com/
this is a site for motorcycles hardware but have many things that fit bicycles too and ad a unique touch to any build.
So in the end the key is to not let your chrome get in this condition in the first place. So whether you are storing your bike or not, Keep wax or even a thin layer of oil on them. Just use an oil soaked ear q-tip soaked in lube and rub on your bolt heads and in the hex hole and they will remain nicer for a much longer time.

[Image: vaporfin.jpg]
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
over last 6 mth ive developed a heathy hobby in finding a cool bike or super gr8 part at a dirt cheap price but its screaming out for someone to show em alittle.attention & affection so they can return to former glow or sparkle even louder
The reason im doing it, is just to learn, have a project outside of work & funny but its so rewarding as project progresses.. 2yrs ago i thought i was hopeless with tools.. (i.was then actually) & knew nothing about bike mechanics.. prob why its so rewarding 4me & the few new owners i found were stoked with them & they sold heaps fast..
so thx for your tips coz im right @ this point where im thinking got 2 be a quicker way thats not expensive coz im doing all by hand,.scrub & lube or degrease & repeat.. wont.buy new ones if not needed coz if im investing it would be on something needed coz i cant do it...

what is vapo rust exactly? which section in hardware shop will i find it? how much is it approx? also what do u mean 'off to bench polisher?' is there a machine/ tool i should look at? & is it easy to use wont slice u up power tool? i guess i had to find an interesting thing to do with tools before i wouldnt fall asleep at the sight of 1!
if u got time point me in the way (via links)) of big tips at low cost.
thx for sharing.. i loved it & agree time well invested in the areas that should sparkle or be black not marble wash grey!

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