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Need help! Problem with skewer, wheel, frame?
Hi! New here! I have a fairly inexpensive mountain bike that I am trying to use with an indoor trainer. I have a Trek Cycleops trainer. This particular brand has a specific skewer and I have the correct one. I'm having two problems.

First, when I install the skewer, my wheel isnt stable on the skewer. It is loose and wobbles from side to side.

Second, ignoring the wobble, if I secure it into the trainer (correctly, btw) if I pedal full revolution, the tire (and skewer) pop off the frame. The skewer is still in the trainer. The frame of the bike is lifted off the skewer.

I read the instructions, watched 2 videos by the Trek company and I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

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First, make sure you figure out how to get the skewer tight and solid before you put the bike back on the trainer or try to ride it. You're going to hurt yourself or damage something riding it loose.

It might help if you posted some pics of the bike with the skewer installed so we can see how you have it. But it looks like it works like a normal skewer.
- Put in through the wheel. If it has little springs, those go outside your frame with the narrow part of the spring facing in toward the center
- Make sure the clamping lever is in the open position
- hand tighten the other side so it gets just barely tight onto the frame
- flip the clamping lever to secure the wheel. This should be tight enough so you have to use your whole hand to do it, but not so tight that it is a huge strain. If it is too tight or too loose, open it back up and adjust the nut on the other side until you get it so it feels right when you tighten the lever. (I suspect this is the step you're missing.)

Try looking for video on "how to use quick release skewer". That might help.

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