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Identifying this particular freehub
[Image: Casette.JPG]

I bought this bicycle from a flea market and I've been slowly repairing it part by part. I have no idea about the make and the model. Right now I'm working on the cassette. It is a Shimano. This is the first time I'm doing something regarding the cassette. I wanted to change this 14-28T 6 speed to an 11 to ~30T but I can't seem to figure out if its a freewheel type or a freehub type. Its got the tell-tale signs of a freehub with the bearings in the outer side but there seems to be nothing holding the cassette in place, then again, I can't see anyway this can be a freewheel and there are no slots to unscrew this with a freewheel tool.

I would be grateful for any sort of help.

I think that you have the parts of a seven speed cassette, not a six speed cassette; on a freehub.

Take a look at the picture here:

You appear to be missing the 12T cog and the locking ring.

The gear cluster on the wheel now should almost fall off. Make sure that is straight and square, and gently pull, using your fingers, with your thumbs pushing against the black ring in the center.

Inside the black ring, you should find a 10mm hex that is used to unthread the freehub from the wheel.

This cassette matches what you want:

Make sure your rear derailleur can handle the number of teeth, and you will need a new chain.
Hi Nigel,

Thanks for the swift response but there are a few things that don't match with the standard freehub.

The spacings where you would slide the cassette on the hub are all even. There isn't this single bigger gap to assist in alignment.

This ridged spacings have some sort of a thread on them and it seems like the 14t sprocket is screwed onto it. This looks like the only independent sprocket in the entire cassette.

I took the entire quick release and axle out to check and I couldn't find any hex bolt used to fix the freehub.

I've been cycling with this for a long time and the cassette are in no position to fall off. They're in there so tight there's no way I can remove
them with my hands.

I have reattached the axle and here are some pictures of the wheel.
I'm not sure what to think of it right now. Hope this helps.





Hi Ishan;

A little bit of research on Sheldon's site, and I found this:
Guess you have Shimano Uniglide.

He has some suggestions.

Regarding the 10mm hex - it is female hex inside the freehub; and you need a tool like this:
to get it off. With the axle removed, you should be able to feel the inside of the hex with your little finger. If there is no hex there, it is probably not a Shimano - with some exceptions.

Take a look at:

This one will probably fit:

I have never done this, and am just passing on what I found on the 'net.
Hi Nigel,

I went through Sheldon's site a few times but I never reached the Shimano unglide portion. Tongue

It is the Shimano Unglide, everything matches the description. The quick release is inserted in a female hex tube with just the cassette side having the hex head and the threads on the other side.

I need to get some tools before I start doing anything but this has been a great experience.

Thanks a lot for your time and all the info Nigel.



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