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What was your first bicycle?
Hello, bike riders!
In October, let's look back at some good old biking memories.

What is the story of your first bicycle? If you have a photo of it, feel free to share!

My first bike was a trike when I was 2; however, I don't remember much of that. However, when I was in elementary school my dad got me a bike with a banana seat with 20" tires and a single speed, but I rode it everywhere, went on many adventures to local parks and riding through the neighborhood -- I have fond memories of it.
My first new bike was a huffy. i got it for x-mas an i remember having to wait to ride it and at the time i thought it was a waste, but once i got on it i never got rid of it. it will be my sons soon when he learns to ride
My first bicycle was a pale blue Schwinn
First bike was a BMX, had fun riding with them with friends running around town and near by cities!

(10-06-2021, 10:51 AM)Nicholas Wrote:  Hello, bike riders!
In October, let's look back at some good old biking memories.

What is the story of your first bicycle? If you have a photo of it, feel free to share!
My dad went to a local bar and played a pin ball machine and won $150 I was 6 yrs old and remember this because it was my birthday.He came home with a blue bike that had a basket on the front I was one happy little girl,he taught me to ride on my 6tg birthday and after I was done we out it in the apartment building shed with the other kids bikes. Next day I woke up,ran to that shed and yes my bike I just got was GONE We was not rich but my mom and dad did whatever they could to get the bills pd and make me happy..I was never a picky girl but cried for mths,my parents could not afford another bike and where so upset and I never had one since...time flew and before I new it I was a teen driving.and jow 43 I been trying to find a cheap used bike and that I have not found This giveaway would make my day.
Didn't have my own bicycle as a child but learned on all my friends' bikes and loved it. Got my very own first bicycle when I was 26, then another new one years later to bike ride with my sons and still periodically go bike riding, its such a great feeling!
My first bike was a hand me down from my sister. I don't remember what kind it was, however, it had a banana seat (that much I do remember... LOL). I remember I used our clothesline to keep myself upright and steady. Then finally my dad gave me a push and off I went and never looked back I just kept riding until I had to go inside. I love riding bikes and at this time I don't have one due to the fact it was stolen, but I am looking at getting a new one.
My first bike was a Giant city commute bike, I ride it to work everyday since my first work is not far from where I live.
Left to my friend when I left that city. Big Grin
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My first bike was a 3-speed Raleigh that I found along the roadside in my neighborhood that I repainted and reconditioned.
It was so long ago, but I remember is being a purple huffy with a basket and a bell.
Big Grin 
My first bike had fat blue tires, banana seat and a back rest. Later I went an bought a 6 foot pole yellow flag that got attached to the rear wheel. Big Grin
My first bike was an used one my dad bought off somebody that was being transferred. I remember it didn't take me long to learn how to ride it and I quickly became hot stuff when I mastered the skill of riding with 'no hands!'
A blue Schwinn banana seat bike, miss it terribley
Goodness, I absolutely don't remember my first bike. Now, my 2nd bike was a Schwinn 10-speed that was stolen because sometimes, people suck.
I remember I got my first 10 speed bicycle for my 13th birthday. I would never be able to tell you the name brand as that was something I never paid any attention to as a kid. It was $63 - the same price as Super Mario 3, which I also had purchased that year after saving up all of my babysitting money. I had no idea that bicycles could cost so much money - so I vowed I would take good care of it and always use my kickstand. All of the other cool kids in the neighborhood already had one, while I was still riding my banana seat bicycle. So this was my ticket to finally be cool as well. It was black with hot pink drop handlebars. There was rarely a day I was not on my bicycle. All four of my grandparents lived within a mile or 2 of me. Previously, I had always walked to their home - but with my new 10 speed bicycle I was there in minutes. I was such a hotshot. I can't find any photos of me on my 10-speed, however this was my trusty banana seat bicycle I traded in when I got my 10-speed.

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I got my first bike when I was 9 years old. It was a used 26in" girls bike and I couldn't sit on the seat I had to stand up to ride it.
My first one was a pink bike with training wheels
My first bike was a tricycle. It was pretty and where.
my first one was pink and purple

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