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What Freehub body do I have?
I have a 2012 Trek 7.5 Fx Hybrid bike that I need to replace the Freehub body on the rear wheel. There are no identifying marks on this hub anywhere. The cassette that is mounted on the Freehub body is a CS-HG61-9. The gears on the cassette is 11-34 and its a 9 speed. Is there anyway to exactly identify what freebody hub this is so I can get an exact replacement?
(01-27-2015, 04:06 PM)MK86GFCS Wrote:  ...... Is there anyway to exactly identify what freebody hub this is so I can get an exact replacement?

Probably not. First remove the freehub, if it is a Shimano you need a 10mm hex key. If that is not the tool for removing it - it is not Shimano, and it may be impossible to source a replacement. If it is a Shimano, any of their "normal" 8/9/10 speed freehubs will fit.

Why do you think that you need to replace the freehub; especially on such a new bike?
I tried a 10mm hex key and its too small by a couple of mm. It looks more like a spline in there than a hex. Guess I'm out of luck. I was replacing the cassette since the gears I use most are worn out and noticed there is a bit of slop in the freehub. I was going to take care of everything at the same time while I have it apart. Even though its a fairly a new bike I have over 15k miles on it. just normal wear and tear. Thanks
(01-27-2015, 06:09 PM)MK86GFCS Wrote:  .... a bit of slop in the freehub. .....

There is always a bit of slop in freehubs, has to be or they would not work. As long as the pawls feel good, and are not making too much noise, leave it.

A little bit of light machine oil helps the pawls, but can hurt the bearings.

Kind of reminds me of the story about when Rolls Royce licensed GM's Turbohydramatic automatic transmission in the late 1950's. The ones GM built worked very well; the first ones RR built would not transmit any torque - the cars would not move. Turns out RR polished everything inside to a bright smooth finish - just like the visible portions of their cars. The torque converter rotor and stator have to be be rough for the fluid to transmit torque......

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