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Replacing cantilever brakes with linear pull brakes
Does anyone have any experience replacing cantilever brakes with linear pull units? I have an older mountain bike that I want to update to more current components and I'm wondering how feasible it is to put new linear pull brakes on in place of the original cantilever ones. Also, I was once told that if a bike has linear pull brakes it is not possible to mount fenders. I can see that maybe some fenders can't be mounted, but not any fenders?
should not be much of a problem with the brakes as long as you have v-brake compatible levers. if your levers and shifters are one unit you would have to change the shifters also
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Check out:

As PK noted, you need levers that are compatible with linear pull brakes, because their cable travel is longer.

Fenders - not a problem, unless you have extraordinarily large tires. Linear pull brakes do not have any less clearance than side pulls, center pulls or dual pivots. Any tire under 50mm should work with fenders and linear pull brakes.

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