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Issue recentering side pull brakes
I'm having trouble with my side pull brakes. One pad rests on the side, mostly stationary, while the other moves freely as I pull the brake lever.

I'm fairly beginner at bike repairs, and having looked at youtube videos on recentering brakes, I loosened the mounting bolt, moved the calipers around so they were centred properly, and retightened the mounting bolt. However, after the mounting bolt has been tightened, the calipers always move back to their lopsided position. Is there a problem with my mounting bolt? Is it something to do with the spring? I have tried adjusting the front bolt, but that either freezes the otherwise freely moving pad in place, or allows the other pad to move back to the rim of the wheel, never to spring back again. Please help![Image: 1ntVmae]

Edit: Added pictures for clarity.
A lot of brakes have a screw either side, where you can adjust the spring tension. Does yours have those? If so try adjusting them.
post pics of what you have, clear and both sides
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(10-30-2023, 04:24 PM)ichitan Wrote:  A lot of brakes have a screw either side, where you can adjust the spring tension. Does yours have those? If so try adjusting them.

I'm afraid not. Is there another way to adjust the spring tension?
It sounds like you don't have sufficient tension in the line. Undo the cable, and pull it through all the way. Make sure the cable housing is firmly rested into the holder. Squeeze the brakes into the rim with one hand, pull the cable down, redo the cable tension bolt. Make sure the housing is secure and has a snug fit between the caliper and the rest. You may need to get a housing cable stop.

If that doesn't work, try undoing the locknuts in the axle at the front. Tighten the back one just snug to the arm you should be able to engage them freely, but there's no slack between the arms (back and forth). If there's slack, that means the rear nut isn't right. Tighten the front nut down and both of them together. Check to make sure it can engage freely, but there's no play or wobble between the arms. This can be tricky to get depending on the quality of the brand you have.
That picture isn't working

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