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How To Measure Fixie Bike Frame
i just bought a fixie bike frame from one of my friends and he doesnt know what size it is, it looks kinda small compared to other frames but i wanna know the exact size...

also, does the frame size matter on what kind of wheels you put on it? thank you

the reported size is usually C-T - center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. But this is not really sufficient to determine how well the frame will fit you.

Also see:

And remember that these are just starting points, your results will vary.
Also, you can go on many of the bike manufacturer's web sites and they normally have a measurement chart (geometry) on the page with the bike. I know that Giant has one for every bike model.
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There also used to be centre to centre (bottom bracket to centre of top tube), and recently with all those sloping frames something that has been clled "centre to air" by some: bottom bracket to where the top tube should be if it was level. In general: those sizes are weird anyway and confusing and...
(08-05-2011, 08:11 AM)thebigbaddwolf Wrote:  also, does the frame size matter on what kind of wheels you put on it? thank you

The size of the frame doesn't affect what wheels you use, but frames are built for a specific wheel size, you can't just put anything in there. If it is a frame designed for fixed (a track frame or newer road fixie frame) it probably takes 700c wheels. But ti depends what you have.

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