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Fixie handlebar brakes
As seen on neighbours fixed gear bike - is this normal or usual in the fixie community? Brake lever in the middle of handlebar? Isn't that very inconvenient? I can't recall seeing anything like this before, but it could be that I'm just not that into the community Big Grin

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That's for people who have road bars but don't use them. Often seen on cyclocross bikes, these levers are installed inline, the cable runs through them and they push a gap in the housing open. They reduce the performance of the main brake levers as there are more gaps in the housing and more bends and stuff.
I have front brake in combo with my flat bar on fixie and in a better position; I would honestly find this combo tricky.
Hahah. I met a guy last week who has the same brake setup.
"I have used front brake maybe once or twice," was what he told me Big Grin

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