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Is this worth repairing?
After getting assistance in another thread about what front derailleur to get to replace the rusted one on this bicycle, I figured I'd post here to see if this is worth putting a few dollars in. It is a 21 speed.

There is a label on the other side that says 'aluminum frame'.

As mentioned, the front derailleur is rusted, only about $10 to replace. Rear derailleur moves well it seems. All cables seem in decent shape and move freely. The front disc brake works well. The rear cheap caliper brake is rusted and may could be cleaned but I will just replace it if it's worth it.

I know this is a department store bike and I can't afford a LBS bike or even a good used one right now. It will have occasional use on paved roads (hopefully more use as I get more used to riding and try to get more in shape).

Is this worth putting $30-$40 in, or just wait until I can get something better?

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If you are considering not fixing it, I would hit some of the pawn shops to see what they have that are in better condition than the one you have. If they are more money than what it will cost to fix this one, I would say, "Absolutely! Go for it." If the rear brakes aren't broken, only rusted, I would get the front derailleur and clean the rear brake assembly for the time being. Bottom line is that if it gets you riding, it's worth it.
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Ok, thanks for the advice.
I think it's worth fixing, for only $30 to $40 why not? Depending on where you live pawnshops don't generally have better deals then Craigslist. I would fix what you have, save up about $400 and then find a nice used bike for around $300, the extra $100 is for accessories. But, you need to study as much as you can about older bikes to see which ones are good deals; so while your saving money study used bikes so your not blind to what a bike is worth and pay more then it's worth. You could post a bike you have in question to buy here but by the time someone responds it could be gone. Also keep in mind if you post here and someone else see's the Craigslisting could buy it out from under you if they happen to live near you. You could also try your local bike stores, some of them might sell used bikes.

Or save up the $500 and shop for a nice new one from here: they have all kinds of models to choose from, just look at them all in that price range, and again you can come here about questions regarding any of the bikes you're thinking about.
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