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Older frame...worth using?
Hello everyone!

A friend had given me an older hybrid/mountain bike, good frame, components shot. I was thinking about a new component set, but not sure it's worth the investment or not. I just recently purchased a Trek, which would be my main ride. This would be for incidental riding, for the son when he wants to come along, etc. that and it's just fun working on bike.

Frame is a Bianchi steel. Not sure on the size (new to bikes, not sure where the measuring points would be). frame is in excellent shape visually (no bends or serious scrapes..decals a bit worn, other then that good)

I'd be replacing basically everything on the bike in relation to components. wheels, derailleurs, etc. is it worth it costwise, or would i just be better off buying a complete bike at the shop?
expense wise, buy another bike. lots to sort out but a good experience
for learning to rebuild the bike. If it is missing everything , you could easily spend a grand or two to bring it back to glory. if money is no object I say do it up. You will get lots of advice at the tutor! Like most people, we love to spend others cash!Smile
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Yep 10-4 to what PK said. Bianchi made some good frames but only on high end. The parts will cost a bunch more than a bike. Buy a bike on Craigs list.

As per measuring , you measure top of seat post frame to the center of crank.

Cannot make a guitar out of it. :-)
Never Give Up!!!
Feel free to send it to me Smile

Or for that matter any of a number of us on this board.

Where are you located? If local, many of us are happy to assist in person.
Bianchi bikes are (in general) quite nice. So it might be worth (not financially, as others have remarked) to fix it. If you like the ride: get some new-ish components (last year's or earlier stuff) and build it up. Be aware that some older bikes have different standards on stuff like bottom brackets and such.
If you want the bike and learn about bikes this is a good opportunity. Just don't let your SO find out how much you spent Wink
I would tear the bike down and clean and lube everything. You will get some good experience and have a good time doing it. Major drivechain parts can be pricey so check the chain for stretch with a chain gauge, compare your cogs and chainwheels for major wear to some of the pictures availible online. Some bikes are not well maintained, actually most, and a good cleaning and adjustment will get it to riding condition. Dirty or gummed up cables are what I have found to cause the most problems, cleaning or replacing them is not very costly. I like to tear things apart and have a good time doing so. You may find that you only need a couple of new parts. Of course you will spend some money on tools, but most tools last a long time and all tools are are good investment. You don't need to buy the real expensive specialty tools, I just bring the part in to my LBS after tearing it down for stuff I don't have the tool for, if I think it needs to be worked on. If you do most of the disassembly for the LBS, you can save alot of cash. Most times my LBS will get to my job faster and be able to do it faster if I do all the time saving tear down and reassembly.

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Riding on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
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This is a 'Loaded Question' if I've ever heard one! Wink
To some, that Bianchi frame alone is almost a religious item. To scrap it might have a Catholic dreaming of how many years in Pergatory you deserve.
A Baptist might recommend riding it to Hell and back and see what is for dinner before deciding.
Then we have folks that look to Astronomy for answers... I could go on and on ....
As it stands - we only know that it is an 'older' (what is Old to you may be New to me so, relativity chimes in), steel Bianchi frame. Same with what you consider to be 'worn out' as far as components go. If they still get the job done - are they truly worn out? If a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear, does it make a sound?? See?

IMHO, Do As Thou Wish. It's a bicycle. But - rue the day that you return to tell us your decision as to its fate. Some will cry, some will laugh and some will consider you as the scourge of the Earth.
What's REALLY cool, though... by asking this question, your initiation into our little club is done. You'll probably want out at some point but, sorry. No can do. Wink
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Interesting RobAR Shakespeare. :-) I know from looking at Schwinn, Miyota, Panasonic, Bridgestone catalogs that from mid point up the frames were good and got better, on Road Bikes.

I have not been able to find much info on Bianchi line. Do you have any links to catalogs.Their racing bikes were nice but" hybrid/MB" sounds like a general bike to me.

AS per bike if it is a right size and high end frame than its worth rebuilding, however if you want to ride with your son now buy a bike on Craigs list and restore the bike together.......Maybe reuse some components.
Never Give Up!!!
I say go for it Big Grin! If you have a love and liking of working on bikes and it is for your son then look around on Craigslist for a bike that has similiar parts set up or yard sales, thrift shops etc. Maybe your local bike shop has something laying around they would be willing to let go cheap? Just a few ideas. BUT make sure the stuff is compatible and safe.

Thy bike becomes one with its maker when love is involved! lol
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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