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Repairing Carbon Frame
I know that carbon frames arent supposed to be repairable. BUT its only a small crack and i believe it can be repaired, the crack is just above the bottom bracket on the vertical upright section of the frame. I was thinking along the lines of sealing the bottom of the tube with foam and filling out that part of the frame with the crack with resin. Then drilling each side of the crack to prevent it spreading further (as they do on aeroplanes).

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience in carbon frames and if anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated.
No way.

If carbon is cracked it isn't possible to see the full extent of this damage. therefore impossible to fix. Not nice but a fact unfortunately.
How old is your frame? I know that some manufacturers offer a free, or low cost inspection service following crashes--probably to avoid potential liability issues. If the crack is visible I'd say the frame is done. FYI: I see that Performance is selling aluminum frames for $59.
Yeah could contact the manufacturer and see if there is some sort of warranty on the frame or possibly recall? Wouldn't hurt might get a free frame Big Grin .
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Also some manufacturers offer a "crash replacement service", where you get a new frame at a reduced price if the old one is broken.
have you checked here?

Where the crack formed is the WORST possible place for it to crack. Just above the bottom bracket on the seatpost is were almost all the force on a frame is concentrated. Even if repairing carbon fiber were advised, I still wouldn't repair just because of the location.

I would contact the frame manufacturer and find out if this is a common problem on these frames. Might be a manufacturer's defect. The layup schedule for the carbon should make it nice a beefy all around the bottom bracket cluster.
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
WOW, even in this day and age of carbon fiber stuff the misconceptions remain,, carbon fiber whether
aircraft or surfboard or bicycle is practically infinitely repairable, with the added benefit of being reinforceable with little to any weight penalty , the only factor limiting repairability is cost, calfee has repaired over two thousand carbon frames and i bet he never turned one down because he thought he couldn't do it , i have repaired over 50 frames and components including two ti frames and several aluminum frames and steel frames, none have come back to me yet , and i offer a lifetime unconditional warranty , carbon fiber is a far superior structural material hands down , strength to weight is several time that of ti with no fatigue life...and you can fix it at home easily, contact me and i will give you some tips on trailside repair of any frame material, never be afraid of carbon failure again.......
That depends on one thing... "cost effectiveness".
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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