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Carbon stem is very tight on carbon fork
I bought a asian import carbon fork (hope that doesn't offend anyone a I know some get steamed over carbon imports).

The carbon stem is extremely tight going on. Will a paste help? (I have ordered some, has not arrived yet) There seems to be a slight ridge on fork, is this normal? Can a safely/lightly sand this ridge area?

Sorry for my noobness to carbon, I have been off a bike for 20 years (last bike was a Medici with Columbus tubing)

Thank you for replies.
If you talking about paste for carbon fiber joining, no, that will not help much. it is for griping two components tightly @ less bolt torque. if there is a slight ridge or imperfection hindering slipping the stem on then yes you can carefully file it down with an fingernail fine grade emery stick. Then if you have to use an 800 grit wet or dry type paper on the tube to finish till fit. The carbon will slowly powder away to a dust. always keep in mind that you can take it off but cannot put it back, so work slowly check fit often
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Great thanks I will test this on the "extra" steer tube before I cut it down for proper sizing, just in case I botch it up. Reply much appreciated

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