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Cracked carbon fiber frame - repairable?
Hey guys,
Yesterday I was loading up my Avanti Cadent 3.0 2010 roadie on a steep hill and all of a sudden I heard a *crack*. I stopped and noticed that the front inner chain ring had snapped in half! As a matter of fact, what had happened is that a few of the bolts holding the inner chain ring on had obviously worked themselves loose over time (something I hadn't even thought to check regularly) and so eventually the chain ring had too much pressure (on the hill) and simply buckled and cracked. That would be fine if that was the only problem, but it turned out that a small 2 inch piece of the chain ring broke off and lodged straight into the carbon frame, creating a thin hole about half an inch wide right at the base of the frame. I have done a photoshop mockup of the location and approximate size of the crack on one of the avanti black frames as I don't have any photos of it. The white crack indicates the approximate size of the crack which has gone right through into the middle of the frame. See the link:

As you can see it is right at the base of the frame.
Now this kind of problem isn't naturally covered on the warranty so I have been given the option to pay for the replacement Cadent frame which will cost be around $1300. Seems like such a loss of money since I'll be getting back the same bike as before in essence. Anyway, my issue is what to do with the old frame? Is there a way I can repair it myself? Or would it be better to sell it on to someone who might be happy to fix it and use it? Should I repair it myself and hold off on getting the $1300 replacement frame?

Kinda of hard to make such a call without seeing it in person, but I would not have a problem with cleaning off any shards of carbon with say a dremel. then if the puncture is through the bb shell place a piece of tape on the inside and fill the crack with a 2part epoxy. let dry and carefully sand back the way you want. It should be fine. but again without seeing in person. I would use a clear liquid epoxy not a knead ribbon type. any auto parts store will have some.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
I wouldn't like to guess, but there are places that do reapiars, for example:
More info:,0

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