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Axle to Hub Sizing
Hey Folks,
I work with a Bicycle Collective in Seattle and we are putting together a Hub intensive class. Because we work with a milieu of mismatched parts one of the things that sometimes comes up, that I would like to cover in this class, is sizing axles to hub shells. I know how to size a standalone axle's length to a frame but because axles come in different diameters, how does one know which axle diameter is compatible with which hub? Does anyone know the answer?

Most road and mountain bikes use a 9mm axle diameter on the front, and a 10mm axle on the rear. BMX bikes use a 3/8" (9.5mm) or sometimes a larger 14mm diameter front or rear.

There are other uncommon sizes for rare and specialized bicycles.
Just to add to Alex's post, you can always use a micrometer and convert it to its fraction or mm equivalent.
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Thanks so much, that info is great! Just to continue the question, are there any charts for the odd or specialty sizing?
Well, I'll be damned. I finally stumped Sheldon Brown's website. He actually never listed different axle sizes. But Harris cyclery on the same site seems to have the most common axle types. There doesn't seem to be much difference. I may be wrong, but that's what I dug up.
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I think he didn't list the axle widths because it wasn't necessary. Even better, he showed how axles should be 11mm longer then the dropout spacing, or 5mm - 5.5mm on each end, yielding the correct axle length. A 126mm rear dropout would then have a 137mm wide axle by simply adding 11mm. Came in handy when I had to cut down an axle for 130mm dropouts, to replace the broken one my 73 Schwinn six speed.

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