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Tube sizing help for 27" wheels

I've got an old road bike with 27" wheels and 27 1 1/4 (32 x 630) tyres. I just ordered some spare inner tubes online and found out that 700 28-35c should be appropriate for my bike. They have sent me 700 25-28c tubes instead though, claiming that they should still fit, as they cover all tyres from 25-38c (instead of 28, as it says on the label), which is a much broader range than the one they'd originally listed.

I've been trying to find out for quite some time now if these tubes should indeed be fine, so if anyone here has any idea about their suitability that would be great, thanks! :-)

- Sam
Hi Sam;

They'll be fine. Tubes are very forgiving.

On my 27" commuter (Schwinn World Tourist); I am currently running a 28-630 tire in front and a 32-630 in the back with Sunlite Thorn Resistant (TR) tubes that are sized 35-45 - 622. They are leftovers from when our T50 tandem had Schrader valve rims. My WT has 19mm inside width rims.

TR tubes are very durable but are HEAVY. On our tandem and my commuters, I want the durability, and a little extra weight just means more of a work out Smile
Hi Nigel, thanks for the reassurance! Thorn resistant tubes do sound interesting, I might have to look into them, since my commute-route is strewn with glass.

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