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135mm axle to 126mm axle??'s
I've got an older set of 700 wheels that should be replaced with a set I picked up recently. The problem is that the newer set has a 135mm rear dropout spacing axle and the old set is 126mm, which fits my older road bike frame. The newer set has a 9 speed cassette and the older is a 7 speed cassette.
Can I change the axle in the newer set to fit my older frame and will the older 7 speed cassette work fine or do I need to change the cassette freewheel??... or if there is a better way... ?
Thanks !
You should be able to use your 7 speed cassette on it, but you need a 4.5mm spacer to take up some of the extra space on the freehub. Look at this article under the section called "Hyperglide": http://sheldonbrown.com/k7.html

I'm assuming this is a quick release wheel? Reducing the wheel to 126 probably is too narrow and the wheel would get excessively weak due to the angle on the spokes needed. But I think you could get it down to 130 OK. If your frame is steel, you should be able to stretch it to fit a 130 wheel. You probably don't need a new axle. You can remove 5mm worth spacers on the existing axle, get everything recentered, and then cut off the excess axle. Because you need to keep clearance on the gear side, you'll mostly take spacers from the left side. Then you'll need to "re-dish" the wheel which isn't complex, but requires general wheel truing skills. Nothing majoraly complex here, though you might run into some minor complications anytime you start tinkering like this.

I assume the new wheel is a "29er" mountain bike wheel. Have you checked to see that you have enough clearance in the frame to fit this new rim with a tire on it between the chain stays and seat stays? It may be a wider rim than what you have now.
The entire hub is generally built for the wider spacing. If the hub does not have a total of 9 mm of spacers that can be removed then it's not possible in the front, and as already noted even if possible it's problematic. Otherwise the usual solution is to spread or "cold set" the frame (Google "cold set bicycle frame")
Awesome !!!...
Thanks !!!!!
Hey Guys,
I actually got a chance to try the newer wheel for fit in my 126mm frame. The axle on the newer wheel is 130mm, not 135mm. It seems to go in and out of the frame with no problem. The wheel is square in the frame, so no dishing is needed.
What size spacer do I need now to get the cassette gears to line up perfectly??
Thanks again !!
Just Google 7 speed cassette on 9 speed hub.
(09-20-2014, 07:03 PM)!TREK4ME! Wrote:  What size spacer do I need now to get the cassette gears to line up perfectly??
I used to get mine on ebay, the guy had them cleverly made to fit around the fasteners that hold the cassette together. The ones I see now have notches.

or more money the cheap one is about $4 delivered or from a LBS if you search a little.
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Guys,
Went to the local bike shop and picked up, what I thought, was the right spacer for this application. Told them what I was doing and with what model cassette, hub, ect., they gave me a spacer, but were not sure which one I needed... said, "They usually fit them for what ever was needed to get the right spacing."
So I bought the one they gave me and went to try it out. It was way to large in circumference and was wobbling around on the hub freewheel. I decided not to install.
Looked at the receipt and they had the spacer listed as a: Headset Spacer 1 1/8 5mm Black
Will this work?
Are they allowing for the rivets on the back of the cassette by having a larger circumference spacer to clear them??
Figured I would go and take another look to see, but wanted to ask you guys first.
That doesn't sound right. The spacer should fit fairly snug around the freehub. Take it back and take the wheel with you to test fit for diameter and thickness.
OK-- Thanks !!!

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