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Gear hanger bends when I tighten quick release skewer
I had a bent hanger and sourced the correct replacement from the manufacturer.<br />
It seems to fit well in the frame.
At the same time (well the same week) I replaced:<br />
- the freewheel (Shimano HG 7 spd)<br />
- the dérailleur for a Shimano Acera (was a wobbly tourney)<br />
- the chain
The gears appear to shift well in either direction
My concern is when I tighten the quick release skewer I can see the hanger obviously bend
I have the sensation when riding under load that the chain is rubbing against the neighbouring sprockets - I can hear it and feel it drag.
Loosening the skewer to what I would consider far too loose appears to ameliorate the problem - but I am wary of riding like this.
Any suggestions for what I might have done or failed to do.
Best regards,<br />
It's as if the line of the chain over the sprocket is squint - but it's not immediately obvious where or in which direction when I look at it up on the stand

It sounds like the dropout itself (the part the hanger screws in to) was also bent a little. If the dropouts on either side aren't both straight and parallel to each other, then the QR will try to force them straight when you tighten it.
You might be able to eyeball and straighten this yourself. But I'd suggest going to a shop with an alignment tool they can put on there. Seems likely your gear/chain problems are related to this, so I'd try to deal with it before going crazy trying to get the gears right.
Only other thing you might check is if your axle is badly bent. If the locknuts on the end of the axle are no longer parallel, this might also cause the dropout flex you're seeing.
Yeah, don't ride with your QR too loose - dangerous.


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